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KITARO ComboLab parts list

K-9100  New Mask with Nose+Base plate(2stages)
K-1130 Cornea iris part for Dry Lab
K-1135 Sclera Part
K-1150 Segmented Plastic Nucleus (3Types)
K-1155 Polymer-clay Nucleus
k-1170 U/S handpies handpiece(for segmented plastic nucleus)
K-1175 U/S handpiece(for polymer-clay nucleus)
K-1180 Spatula Hook
K-1185 Phaco Chopper
K-1190 Mr.Divider’s Hook
K-1200 Cystotome (21G Needle with Syringe)
K-1205 Clay for CCC with Spare
K-1215 CCC-Processed AC Film  (5sheets)
K-9200 Sclera Stage(1pcs)
K-1160 Anterior Capsule Forceps
K-1165 Sclera Fixation Forceps
K-1225 Nucleus manipulating hooks (2types  of end)
K-1230 Cystotome(26G needle)with Syringe
K-1235 Hydro Needle with Syringe
K-1240 Irrigation Bag 500㏄
K-1120 Container for KITARO Kit