set 写真DL – コピー

Used to learn basic instrumentation in phaco surgery such as CCC and nucleus dividing at a desk of medical office or home.

    • Anteror-Capsule Film / CCC
      The 5-μm polyester film having a special 2-layer structure and the artificial cortex made of resin clay can reproduce CCC just like on the human eye.
    • Segmented Plastic Nucleus / Basic instrumentation, 3 Nuclear Segmentation Techniques
      You can learn the basic instrumentation and nuclear segmentation techniques with 3 artificial nuclei for Divide & Conquer, Stop & Chop and Phaco Chop techniques by dividing and rotating them using mock instruments.
    • Polymer-Clay Nucleus / Phaco Chop and Prechop Techniques
      The artificial nucleus made of special resin clay is most suitable for practicing the Preshop and Phaco Chop techniques, allowing instrument insertion and nuclear dividing. You can repeatedly use the nucleus after kneading and returning it to the original shape with your fingers.
    • Sclerocorneal Sheet / Self-Sealing Wound Construction, Suture
      You can practice self-sealing wound construction and suture with the special resin sheet producing a similar feeling of cutting the human sclerocornea.


KITARO DryLab parts list

Contents: ⊕ Items are included

Image Product No. Product Name
K-1140 Mask
K-1145 Base Plate
K-1130 Cornea iris part for Dry Lab
K-1135 Sclera Part
K-1150 Segmented Plastic Nucleus
K-1155 Polymer-clay Nucleus
K-1160 Anterior Capsule Forceps
K-1165 Seclara Fixation Forceps
K-1170 U/S handpies handpiece (for segmented plastic nucleus)
K-1175 U/S handpiece (for polymer-clay nucleus)
K-1180 Spatula Hook
K-1185 Phaco Chopper
K-1190 Mr. Divider’s Hook
K-1200 Cystotome (21G Needle with Syringe)
K-1205 Clay for CCC with Spare
K-1215 CCC-Processed AC Film (5 shets)
K-1120 Container for Kitaro Kit


Consumable Items for KITARO DryLab

Image Product No. Product Name
K-1020 Precut Sclerocorneal sheets
K-1030 Anterior – Capsule Film (11cm x 2.5m)
K-1040 Viscoelastic Substance (10cc)
K-1035 Anterior – Capsule Film Chips (10pcs w/ Cortex)



Image Product No. Product Name
1161 Titanium Anterior Capsule Forceps
1166 Speculum
K-1250 Desktop Simple Magnification Lamp (for DryLab) 100V