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KITARO WetLab parts list

K-9100 New Mask with Nose + Base plate (2 Stages)
K-9200 Sclera Stage (1pcs)
K-1135 Sclera Part
K-1160 Anterior Capsule Forceps
K-1165 Sclera Fixation Forceps
K-1225 Nucleus manipulating hooks (2 types of end)
K-1230 Cystotome (26G needle) with Syringe
K-1235 Hydro Needle with Syringe
K-1240 Irrigation Bag 500cc
K-1120 Container for KITARO Kit
K-1041 Viscoelastic Substance (100cc)
K-1042 Viscoelastic Substance (5cc) x/ Syringe


Consumable Items for KITARO WetLab

K-2010 Artificial catract lens mixed (2soft-3medium)
K-1260 Artificial catract lens Soft (6pcs)
K-1265 Artificial catract lens Medium (6pcs)
K-1270 Artificial catract lens Hard (4pcs)
K-2020 Cornea-Iris part for WetLab (4 pcs)