Smart CCC Kit

KITARO Smart CCC Kit.It is the Best tool to practice and teach Capsulorhexis. This kit includes 2.5m long Anterior Capsule Film is enough to practice Capsulorhexis.
This kit has been designed specially for eye residents, young ophthalmologist.
SMART CCC Kit includes all the necessary items to start Capsulorhexis any where on the table at home, at hospital, at school. KITARO SMART CCC Kit has open Cornea, you can practice without using microscope or any magnification lams or lenses.



  • Anterior – Capsule Film  (11cm x 2.5m)
  • Anterior – Capsule Chip (20pcs)
  • Sclera
  • Cornea (Dry/Wet)
  • Viscoelastic Substance (10pc)
  • Artificial Cortex W/Spare
  • Cystotome (26G Needle with Syringe)
  • Anterior Capsule Forceps
  • Sclera Fixation Forceps
  • KITARO Dry/Wet Manual DVD